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ABOUT #EF79 - Kicks x Clothes x Photos x FLY SH*T!
is designed to help keep people in the know about the sneaker culture. Our intent is to lend a hand to the serious, and not so serious, sneaker enthusiast in their search for good quality information & authentic products. We also work towards connecting the footwear consumer to sneaker (stores, shops, boutiques) that offer 100% authentic sneakers. Our aim is to continue to strengthen consumer confidence within the footwear market, as well as continue to generate leads for those sites that we connect to.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is an online footwear platform that was created by Dame Starr Acosta for the culture. In 2012, the site was a way to help answer the on-going questions that was received through social media outlets and email. It has since become an independent resource for the footwear and fashion community, catering to both the consumer, as well as the seller. Our plans are to continue growing the site to bring useful information to all levels of lifestyle enthusiasts.

This site will continue to grow with information and focus on incorporating style to help mold the new generation. You too can be a part of that growth by sending in information that you feel may benefit the community. At the same time you can also feel free to let us know if something is posted on our site in error. We would like to thank you for viewing our site.


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My slogan is and will always be: "Why TRY? Be effortlessly FLY!" - STARRakaDAME