Tuesday, November 27, 2018

maharishi x Nike Collaboration

This AF1 High dons a wool fabrication that is inspired by World War II era officer uniforms and tour jackets, calling back to the latter much more explicitly in its embroidered tiger motif swoosh. The AF1 Utility utilizes a much more breathable ripstop fabrication, as does the Bowfin, thought it opts for a much bolder arrangement in its print that is reminiscent of redacted documents. Serving as a much more deeply connected offering to maharishi’s staple designs, the AM270 Bowfin is dressed in their signature Bonsai Forest pattern, celebrating nature in a modified camouflage. maharishi will be releasing their own iterations of each model through a raffle hosted on maharishistore.com, which is currently live and will close on November 29th, while the Nike By You customization platform will go live later next month on December 10th.