Friday, July 6, 2018

Teen’s Charity Makes Old Sneakers Fresh

A 13-year-old from New Zealand is doing her part to help the community get around comfortably with a project she calls Lazy Sneakers. Fronted by Maia Mariner, the Lazy Sneakers charity is less than a year old, but is already making an impact on Wellington, the country's capital. In a few month's time, Mariner has collected, cleaned, and redistributed hundreds of shoes. Many of the refurbished kicks are donated to young athletes, but Lazy Sneakers has also made contributions to a local Salvation Army. "This is an attempt to fill some of the gap, recognizing that a partial solution is right in front of us, in wardrobes, sheds and at front doors. Sometimes it takes young eyes to put two and two together, and that is what Maia has done," Mariner's father, Kirk, tells local outlet Stuff.
 With a fast-growing reputation as a young philanthropist, Maia is continuing to build her brand through T-shirts and photo shoots for social media. Keep up with all things Lazy Sneakers on Facebook and Instagram.