Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Solebox Berlin Made Resellers Wear Nike Air Max 1 “Parra” After Purchase

Parra and Nike‘s highly-anticipated Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon models dropped over the weekend. Solebox Berlin was one of the select retailers that carried the AM1 iteration. In an ingenious attempt to prevent any reselling, the boutique ordered customers to immediately wear the collaborative model after purchase. However, the mandate didn’t stop several sharp-witted resellers to walk out of the shop with a deadstock pair. Some tip-toed their way out of the boutique as to keep the shoe’s uppers uncreased while others instantly cleaned the outsoles after wearing them outside of the store.

“For this release, we did a ‘walk out’ which means they had to wear the shoes before leaving the store,” said the retailer on Instagram. “But boy, you can’t stop ‘em from reselling, they immediately started to clean the shoes.” View the hilarious attempts below.