Wednesday, May 16, 2018

This is How Nike Makes a VaporMax Air Unit

Nike recently offered a step-by-step illustration and some impressive statistics for the production of the VaporMax Air unit. According to the sneaker giant, the Air soles are constructed of 75 percent recycled material and are made exclusively at what it calls the Air Manufacturing Innovation Plants located in Oregon and St. Louis. The 10 step process of creating a VaporMax Air Unit begins with two sheets of thermoplastic polyurethane being fed into a thermoforming machine. A heating system warms the sheets to the desired temperature so that clamps can be set in place. Clamping creates molds which offer a guide for the shape of the Air units. Trimming down the molds forms the recognizable shape that becomes more apparent after an edge cleanup process. Then pressurized nitrogen is injected into the molds to inflate the Air bags that make up the sole system. After a final inspection, the soles are sent to Nike factories to complete an array of sneaker models. Additionally, 90 percent of the excess scrap material accumulated in the aforementioned production process is reused. Take a look at the entire process below.

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