Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Extra Butter Is Giving Away Guaranteed Access to Rare Sneakers

In the hunt for limited-edition sneakers, there are few things more frustrating than starting your Saturday off with a "sold out" screen. Taking Ls to bots and resellers has become a rite of passage for copping rare kicks, but NYC retailer Extra Butter is doing its part to alleviate those headaches with its new app. Available now, the Extra Butter app makes it easier than ever to shop the store's selection of shoes and apparel. It will also notify users of upcoming releases and events so they don't get caught sleeping come drop day. But the most enticing aspect of the app is what Extra Butter is calling the EB Gold Pass, which will be granted to one lucky user at the end of this month.

The EB Gold Pass provides guaranteed access to an unlimited number of sneakers from June 1 through December 1, 2018. By simply notifying Extra Butter 48 hours prior to the release, the Gold Pass holder will be able to lock down any sneakers they desire and avoid the normal launch day hassles.

For more info and to download the app now, visit Extra Butter. Sign ups for the EB Gold Pass are open now and end Friday, May 25th.