Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Father Asks Burglars to Return Late Son's Jordan Collection

Portland resident Chris Vorrath is pleading for burglars to return his late son's Air Jordan collection, according to local Portland news station KATU 2. The collection belonged to the late Corban Vorrath who passed away around one year ago at age 29. According to the report, burglars broke into Vorrath's residence just before Christmas and stole 10-12 pairs of Corban's Air Jordan collection along with a flash drive containing footage of his memorial service. To his father Chris, the sneakers were memories of his son that he cherished. "It was something that was special to him. I don't think anyone else could appreciate what these meant," Chris told KATU 2. "You remember the laughter that he had and the joy he had." According to the report, Corban's love for basketball came about after attending a Portland Trail Blazers' game against MJ's Chicago Bulls when he was just seven years old. The report is unclear whether or not the stolen "shoes Jordan wore" were retail pairs or Air Jordans actually worn in-game by the man himself, but it did state the the pairs were all size 13, Jordan's shoe size. Game worn pairs or not, they are clearly a very special memory of the late Corban that his parents held dear to them. An anonymous donor has offered a $2,500 reward to anyone who is able to retrieve the pairs to the Vorrath family.