Monday, December 4, 2017

New Store Alert: Nike Announces Plans To Move Flagship Store

The retail wars in NYC have been a blow-for-blow bout over the last two years as industry giants have refreshed their brick-and-mortar establishments to better suit today’s consumers. Nike announce today that it has plans of opening a new store in the city’s famous 5th Avenue shopping district at 650 52nd St. on the southwest corner of that intersection. Just as we saw with the SoHo store, there will be heavy integration of the brand’s digital commerce/experience medium known as NikePlus, with the fifth floor being dedicated to members alone; consumers will also be offered Nike Expert sessions, a personalized one-on-one shopping experience. Other features include the ability to scan a shoe with the NikePlus App and accessing purchase options to skip lines completely. Projected to open in early 2019, the new Nike flagship store will serve as a key destination for citizens and tourists. Nike also opened a new corporate office just south of Herald Square.Nike’s long-lasting “Niketown”, currently on 57th St., will close its doors in Spring 2018.