Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Store Is Using a Slot Machine for Its Sneaker Raffles?!?!

Popular sneaker releases aren't only chaotic online. Stores are finding it increasingly difficult to handle the ruckus that a highly sought after pair brings to their location, resulting in creative measures being taken to keep things fair for everybody. Madrid's Foot District, known for innovative in-store activations, is trying its luck with an all-new method. Essentially "gamifying" sneaker releases, the shop set up a slot machine to determine winners for the recently released Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary. With 100 tickets available, customers competed for their size by pulling the lever. Those after the same size were grouped together, with the highest scores securing the right to purchase a pair.

Foot District on Twitter

Así vivimos el lanzamiento de las Nike Air Max 1 OG en nuestra tienda de Madrid...