Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Balance Wins Trademark Lawsuit Against Chinese Counterfeiters

In the last few months, New Balance has been making news unprecedently suing Chinese counterfeiters that have been cashing on the sneaker giant’s signature designs. According to The New York Times, the landmark lawsuit took place in a Suzhou, China court and found New Boom which was made up of three companies guilty of making sneakers that damaged the business reputation of New Balance and infringed on their market share. Awarded $1.5 million USD, the case is just the latest in New Balance’s measures to protect their trademarks in China. Additionally, in a recent statement, Daniel McKinnon of New Balance’s senior counsel for intellectual property stated, “If the China marketplace can be thought of as a schoolyard, New Balance wants to make it abundantly clear we are the wrong kid to pick on.”