Thursday, June 8, 2017

Teenagers in Charge Aims to Gift 1,000 Pairs of Sneakers to Homeless Philly Teens

This summer, nonprofit Teenagers in Charge is continuing their mission they’ve been on since 1995 to serve Philly teenagers in homeless shelters. They’re doing so with a goal of collecting 1,000 pairs of sneakers to give back to teens in need in the city. “It’s important because, when they leave their homes, they only leave with what is on their feet and what is on their back,” founder Judith McDaniel said. “So we want to make their displacement a little more comfortable, just in case they need to run, just in case they need to run fast.” A pretty amazing cause and a good way to clean out some space in the closet this summer.

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Philly effort aims to outfit 1,000 homeless teens with new sneakers

Some young people in Philadelphia will be getting new sneakers as part of a campaign to give them a good start to the summer. Judith McDaniel, who founded the nonprofit Teenagers in Charge in 1995, said giving teens in homeless shelters new socks and sneakers means a great deal.