Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sneaker Shopping w/ Blac Chyna

Mixing and matching opposing sportswear brands is the kind of outfit decision that almost always garners comments. There are those who see pairing sneakers from one brand with apparel from another as sacrilege, as evidenced by an anecdote from model Blac Chyna about getting hate for doing so four years ago. "I had wore an Adidas tracksuit with 'Grape' [Jordan] 5's. Underneath the comments everybody was like, 'You can't wear Adidas with Jordan,'" she says in the above episode of Sneaker Shopping from Complex while describing an old Instagram photo. Blac Chyna goes on to say that this kind of combo is more acceptable now, and thinks people in sneaker culture take themselves "way too serious" with rules like this. Check out the video below.