Monday, April 17, 2017

This Airline Turned Sneakers Into a Traveling Pass to Amsterdam

Geography is often used as a source of inspiration for footwear design. While brands like Nike and Adidas regularly create sneakers for specific cities, this Amsterdam-themed sneaker comes from an unlikely company, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Yes, that's right. The Dutch airline company is getting into the footwear industry with its new shoe, The Amsterdam Sneaker. According to PSFK, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines designed the sneaker as a way to offer tourists a package deal while traveling. Last month, the company auctioned off 150 pairs of sneakers bundled with a flight to Amsterdam and the "I Amsterdam" card, which grants access to a handful of museums and attractions in the city.

Airline Creates Limited Edition Sneakers As A Special Pass To Amsterdam

KLM designed and sold 150 pairs of footwear which give the wearer access to some of the best museums in Amsterdam Cities often have deals for tourists looking to see the biggest and best sites- special cards, tour packages or even colored bracelets.