Thursday, March 30, 2017

PUMA Takes a Stand Against United's Leggings Ban

Earlier this week, United Airlines was under heavy fire after word spread of a policy that bans travelers from flying in leggings. Diving deeper into the issue, it was revealed that two girls wearing leggings were denied boarding due to the company's dress code, which prohibits the wearing of "see-through clothing" and "form-fitting spandex pants." Relatives of United employees, the girls were attempting to fly with United passes, which subjects them to the policy. Despite a statement and clarification of the policy as it relates to customers, United is still taking heat from those who view any variation as sexist. Among its detractors is sportswear brand Puma, which is aggressively taking a stand against the no leggings policy.

United on Twitter

To our customers...your leggings are welcome! Learn more about our company's pass travel privilege: