Thursday, February 23, 2017

The CopDate App Wants to Solve Sneaker Release Problems

“No more bullshit. No more ambiguity. No more anxiety. No more being beaten up by bots.”

Sounds pretty good, right? That kind of utopian sneaker release is what Andrew Raisman, the mind behind the app Copdate, is working towards. The app looks to put hyped sneaker releases in the palm of shoppers’ hands, minimizing madness and bots that compromise the experience. This is achieved by partnering with retailers to host launches for coveted product. New Jersey boutique Packer Shoes is the latest shop to team up with Copdate, releasing the recent black/red Yeezy Boost 350 V2 on the app.

“As far as reliability—things not crashing, and giving us the ability to aggregate customers and having that outreach to customers; having the ability to reach out to them and offer them the shoes—it worked flawlessly,” says Mike Packer, the store’s owner.
Packer says the response on his store’s Yeezy launch was huge, estimating they received 20 to 25-times more entries for the shoes than they normally do.

Copdate offers a couple different ways to handle releases. There is the list-based procedure, which basically acts as a mobile raffle, and an RSVP procedure, which releases the shoes at a random time and grants pairs to the fastest users. No transactions actually happen in the app, just reservations.