Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo Accused of Ripping off Rick Owens

After recently unveiling the latest shoe design from Fear of God’s upcoming fifth collection, designer Jerry Lorenzo was accused by many on social media of ripping off Rick Owens. Many have taken to the Lorenzo’s Instagram to point out the similarities of the unveiled Basketball Sneaker design and Rick Owens’ popular Geobasket sneaker. While the Basketball Sneaker is a variant on the label’s Military Sneaker, the Swoosh-like white stripe on the side of the black upper, chunky white sole and padded tongue have many calling plagiarism. Of course, the fashion threads of sites like Reddit got to work quickly creating a bevy of memes regarding the accusations. Check out Fear of God’s Basketball Sneaker above and let us know if you think it looks similar to Rick Owen’s Geobasket design.