Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ex-Nike Employee Auctioning Original Jordans to Protest Trump

After receiving the shoes from a longtime family friend and tucking them away in his collection for a couple years, Nguyen-Long is selling this Air Jordan relic on eBay and donating the proceeds. He hopes to sell the shoes for around $2,000 and split the money up, sending some money to organizations like the ACLU in protest of President Trump. Nguyen-Long got the shoes from Roseann Yeagley, his mother's college roommate. He and his family visited Yeagley in Delaware in 2013 and the topic of Nike came up. In that conversation, Yeagley casually mentioned that she had a pair of sneakers she'd bought for her son when he was in high school still laying around decades after the purchase. A year later, she sent Nguyen-Long the shoes in the mail. "A FedEx time capsule of basketball and sneaker history," is how he described the shoes in a Facebook post.

My mother, Thuy, came to the U.S. from... - Victor Nguyen-Long | Facebook

My mother, Thuy, came to the U.S. from Vietnam in 1961 on a scholarship to Misericordia University (then College Misericordia), a tiny Catholic college...