Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nike Accused of False Advertising Over Air Jordan Retro

Did Nike misrepresent the technology used on a recent Air Jordan retro? A complaint about the "Stealth" Air Jordan 15, released as a retro this month, was leveled against the brand on social media this week. Instagram user @nightwing2303 of Wear Testers fame began the conversation on his feed after noticing that this year's Jordan 15 appears to have Zoom Air cushioning only in the heel where the original had it in both the heel and forefoot. At the time of his post about the shoe on Tuesday, the Nike SNKRS product page for the Jordan 15 described the 2017 version as having "Zoom Air Units in the forefoot and heel." A dissection of the shoe from Chinese sneaker site Fast Pass shows no Zoom bag in the forefoot.

@jumpman23 -- false advertising at its finest? Where'd that forefoot Zoom Air unit go? This is what you call remastered? Bad enough you call that synthetic leather full grain but then you take the tech out... SMH. If you paid $190 for these shells of a shoe that were made to look like the OG Air Jordan XV I'd get my money back if I were you. #WearTesters #NightwingKnows

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