Wednesday, December 21, 2016

atmos x Secret Base x PUMA Ghostbusters Pack

Japanese juggernaut atmos has teamed up with famed countryman Secret Base and German footwear purveyors PUMA for a Ghostbusters sneakers and toy bundle in both Standard and Premium packs. The easily recognizable PUMA Suede model is reengineered with an upper that sports Ghostbusters quotes any fan would recognize alongside the “no-ghost” sign. The tongue is beautifully co-branded with both the PUMA’s logo in white on a green background and the Ghostbusters iconic logo. On the insole, the classic Ghostbusters logo gets a Secret Base makeover and when you turn the shoe over, you will notice a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inside of a translucent sole. Triple co branding can be seen on the white laces which offset well against the red and green silhouettes available.

atmos × SECRETBASE × PUMA SUEDE "GHOSTBUSTERS" 12/23(FRI) LAUNCH ¥24,000+TAX Limited to 666 pairs (Only Japan) @atmos_tokyo @hiddy728 @puma @ghostbusters #atmos #アトモス #SECRETBASE #シークレットベース #PUMA #プーマ #SUEDE #スエード #GHOSTBUSTERS #ゴーストバスターズ #pumaxatmos

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