Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Hundreds' Bobby Kim Is Making Womenswear Now

Bobby Kim is the designer and mastermind behind The Hundreds, an iconic brand in men’s streetwear. When he started The Hundreds 13 years ago, the intention was to create a brand dedicated to men – being that the industry was already a predominantly women’s-run circuit. But time’s changed. In his own words: “How come it’s okay – trendy, even – for girls to covet their guy’s clothes, but not the other way around? Isn’t it time for a women’s label that men beg for?” An open conversation about women’s position in streetwear is needed. Meet JENNIFER, the designer’s newest standalone brand dedicated to women. The modest launch is a “Girlfriend” hooded sweatshirt available in three colorways. The collection is limited with 40 pieces priced at $140 USD, the brand’s logo is wrapped around the hood. Shop the collection online.


JENNIFER™ has taken the better part of a year to come together. I mentioned it almost accidentally, for a Create & Cultivate interview in July. It was the first time the women's blog had interviewed a man, and Arianna had planned on asking me about my history with The Hundreds.