Friday, November 4, 2016

Cam'ron Is Giving Away Free Sneakers in New York City Tonight

It looks like there's a massive sneaker giveaway going on in New York City on Friday night. Harlem rapper Cam'ron posted a video on his Instagram today that shows him in the process of cleaning out a storage unit he says has around 1,600 pairs of shoes in it. Cam says his plan is to drop the pairs at 5th Ave. and 143rd St. at around 8 p.m. EST. The haul isn't just worn shoes and random leftovers either, a pair of "Graffiti" LeBron 4s appears in the video below, as do some older Bapestas. The caption on the video suggests that the group is mostly size 10s.

Me and @harlem_kd41 dumping these in Harlem 143 and 5th at da ball court.. For anyone out there in Harlem that needs size 10's

See this Instagram video by @mr_camron * 401 likes