Friday, September 23, 2016

A 20-Year Old Is Using Charity to Put an End to Sneaker Violence

Being part of the sneaker game has taken 20-year old Dante Holley on an emotional ride for the past few years. An avid collector, the South Jersey native's shoes were destroyed in a house fire in 2015. Fueled by the realization that family, health and safety were far more valuable than material items, he used his knack for getting his hands on sneakers for more charitable efforts, beginning with a 1,000-shoe donation to the non-profit Soles4Souls. Holley, an aspiring rapper and producer, continues to use his platform to confront the issue of sneaker violence. In perhaps his biggest endeavor to date, the young man is sponsoring the 2016 Sneaker Violence 5K run this Saturday. The event will benefit God’s Gift, a Pleasantville nonprofit that invests in the future of young people.

Shoe fanatic hosting Atlantic City 5K vs. 'sneaker violence'

ATLANTIC CITY - The South Jersey sneaker enthusiast who aced out 18 million Kanye West fans in guessing the name of the rapper's album "The Life of Pablo" in a Twitter contest this year is sponsoring a 5K charity run Saturday.