Friday, July 29, 2016

Nanawoods Napoleon Allegedly Used Fake Credit Cards to Spend $15K at Jimmy Jazz

Nanawoods Napolean, 27, who is the star of the Lionsgate series “Money and Violence,” was just arrested in Brooklyn for using fake credit cards at Jimmy Jazz on a $15,000 shopping spree worth of shoes and clothing. According to NY Daily News, the cops found him with more than two dozen fake credit cards under 29 different names. Napolean is accused of using the cards on 43 different occasions in May and June at Jimmy Jazz. Workers at the store said heracked up about $15,000 in purchases before his scam was discovered. Check out the full article on the below.

Nanawoods Napolean allegedly used fake cards for clothes spree

Life is imitating art for Nanawoods Napolean. The actor in a webseries about crime in Brooklyn was arrested for using fake credit cards to go on a nearly $15,000 shopping spree at a Queens clothing store, officials said Thursday.