Friday, July 29, 2016

Here's Russell Wilson Trying to Sell Some Struggle Sneakers

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a Nike guy for now, but it seems like that doesn't preclude him from acting as a pitchman for other sneaker brands. In a clip posted on his Instagram on Thursday, Wilson puts his stamp of approval on something called Good Man Brand. "This product is pretty sick and sweet," Wilson says while showing off the rather plain-looking footwear on the table in front of him. The sneakers actually aren't all that offensive, they're just rather milquetoast. Wilson's brief presentation includes usage of the words "amazing" and "dope" and a little treat for "those of you who like blue." According to Wilson, he has part ownership in Good Man Brand. Check out the clip below.

Check out the shoes! Good just keeps getting better. Be Good. #LeadInspireLive @GoodManBrand

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