Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pro Baseball Player Finally Completes Doernbecher Jordan Collection*~

You've gotta appreciate the dedication of anyone willing to spend the time and money to track down every pair of Doernbecher Jordans out there. Adam Jones, center fielder with the Baltimore Orioles, recently completed that feat. He talks about the hunt in a new feature at ESPN.

"The shoe will never get made again, so I look at it as I'm blessed to be able to throw money away like that," he said when discussing tracking down the final pair, the Doernbecher Jordan 5. "I'm just blessed to find a passion. I like shoes. I like Jordans, so, hey, it's all part of it." - Adam Jones

Jones finishes 4-year quest to fill shoe collection

HOUSTON -- Adam Jones recently procured the final pieces of an extremely rare shoe collection. Just how exclusive is this footwear? Even with a multimillion-dollar salary and the perks that accompany fame at his disposal, it still took Baltimore's All-Star center fielder four years and a shoe-sleuthing crew of 10 people to complete the extraordinary and special collection: Ten pairs of limited edition Doernbecher Air Jordans made by Nike.