Thursday, May 26, 2016

adidas Gazelle O.G. 2016*~

After giving the Stan Smith a big push in 2014 and bringing back the Superstar last year, adidas is digging in the vaults to re-launch another classic silhouette. This time around, it's the adidas Gazelle that's getting the retro treatment. According to GQ, the shoe will be returning in its 1991 form, which boasts a few key design differences from the Gazelles you'll currently find on European shelves. And if you're looking for proof that the Gazelle is going to get the full retro campaign, adidas plans to launch as many as 53 colorways of the sneaker by the time fall hits.

The Sneaker Everyone-Literally Everyone-Will Be Wearing This Summer

Get in on the ground floor of the '91 Gazelle reboot. In late 2013, Adidas relaunched one of its most famous sneakers of all time, the Stan Smith, having previously removed it from shelves for over a year.