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Friday, April 29, 2016

Solebox’s Hikmet Sugoer Opens Up About What Lies Ahead*~

German sneaker boutique Solebox has been a mainstay in the industry for years, the criterion for comparison. Its founder, Hikmet Sugoer, responsible for some of the best shoe collaborations to have ever been released, recently relinquished control of the brand name in order to focus on matters closer to home. Sneakers magazine recently had the opportunity to catch up with the shoe aficionado to discuss what his future holds, his top five Solebox collabs, and whether or not he’s explored the idea of working outside the footwear business. Almost three years removed from the brand, Sugoer keeps mum about what’s next for him, but hints that a project titled SONRA, a name given to Steve Jobs’ post-Apple undertaking, is in the works. Read the full interview over at Sneakers.


He's the godfather of the modern sneaker store in Germany and has cast a giant footprint on the global retail scene - not just with his store but with innumerable collaborations that will still be found on the feet of collectors in years to come.