Friday, April 29, 2016

Ewing Athletics Ewing 33 Hi "Basketball Leather"*~

Thirty years ago, Patrick Ewing started a new era of basketball for the New York Knicks becoming the league’s new elite big man and winning the 1985-86 NBA rookie of the year award. Ewing Athletics celebrates the 30th anniversary of Patrick’s ROY award with a very special edition of the 33 Hi in an orange pebbled leather construction, obviously mimicking the look of a basketball, with gold hardware and black accents. Get your first look at the special edition 33 Hi below.

In May we will release a special "1986 Rookie Of The Year" #Ewing 33 HI LE to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Patrick winning the award. Featuring a premium Basketball leather upper with gold hardware and trim, stay tuned for release info....

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