Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Converse 1970 "Souvenir Jacket" Pack*~

Converse reaches back into Japan’s post-World War II Occupation period for the striking designs of its latest “Souvenir Jacket” pack. This particular time in Japanese history spawned the sukajan jacket, when American soldiers had their MA-1 bomber jackets embroidered with bold Japanese motifs in colorful threads as a wartime souvenir, hence the name of the sneaker pack. Here, the Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 features the same embroidery technique on uppers of black goat leather, with a crouching tiger design on one and a skull and snake motif on the other. Rounded out underneath with a thicker 1970 white midsole, the Converse 1970 “Souvenir Jacket” pack will release online in the near future for $150 USD each.