Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Nikestore Pulled Off the Ultimate Troll on One Customer*~

Whoever runs the @Nikestore Twitter account has to suffer through plenty of online abuse. The account's Twitter mentions are often filled with angry customers every time one of its sneakers sells out at a seemingly impossible speed. But, the the person behind the account still manages to have some fun by intereacting with its more vocal followers. One of those followers, @Est1991__, aka Charles Henderson, 23 of Mobile, Ala., pestered Nikestore enough that he eventually got a free, totally unexpected package of product from the brand. But, it wasn't full of sneakers as he'd hoped. Instead, Nikestore sent him two packages of Oreos and a whole bunch of corks, as a reference to Henderson's frequent chiding about two pairs of sneakers. Nike Air Max 90 "Cork" and the Nike Flyknit Racer "Oreo 2.0." LMFAOOOOO!!! on Twitter