Saturday, February 28, 2015

NFL Prospect Blows Opportunity at Winning $100,000 From adidas*~

As a new wave of NFL talent is set to take the league by storm, all of the major brands are looking for ways to lock down the NFL's future stars. Adidas came up with the idea that they would pay $100,000 to the three fastest 40-yard dash times, so long as the players followed two simple rules.

The first rule: Run the 40-yard dash in Adidas cleats. In the player's suite at the NFL combine, prospects are given the choice of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc. So in order to be eligible, you must run at the combine wearing Adidas spikes.

The second rule: Sign a contract to endorse Adidas BEFORE running the 40.

Unfortunately for UAB's JJ Nelson, who had the fastest 40 time with a 4.28, he didn't do the latter. Nelson, who wore the Adidas cleats because they were the most comfortable, says he was aware of the stakes before running the 40 but wasn't offered a contract to sign an endorsement deal. A little word of advice (from a guy sitting behind a computer), if there's $100k on the line, make sure someone gives you that paper and shows you where that dotted line is before you run the damn 40. “I wasn’t completely focused on it at the time,” Nelson told “I was obviously focused on getting a good time first.” “I signed some waiver at some point, but I was never given a chance to sign an endorsement deal,” Nelson said. When the article was posted that quoted Adidas spokesman Michael Ehrlich as saying Nelson wasn’t eligible because he didn’t sign with the brand, Nelson said he started getting phone calls and text messages. “Players and friends were calling me thinking I would be dumb enough to turn down $100,000,” Nelson said.