Monday, January 2, 2012

Limited Editions - Vintage Expo*~

Assembled from a range of sources including local collectors and even the Nike Museum in Beaverton, there was some seriously super-rare heat on view. Each room of the flat was dedicated to different eras and brands, which made discovering all the hidden gems something of a mission. The dining room played host to 80's and 90's runners with Tiger, NB, Le Coq, Mizuno, and Karhu all represented. Other highlights included Converse Weapons, Mavericks, Cimarrons and ERX. The lobby was looking cool where Nike held it down with OG Stabs, Pegasus, Huaraches, and Bee-Dubs. For some reason, the smallest room in the house was reserved for Llie Nastase, with pairs of his Adidas signature shoes floating in the bath. Who knows Why?

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